By combining a teaching profession, a stand-up stint, and a theology degree, (it sounds like the start of a joke … a teacher, a comic, and a pastor walk into a bar…)  Matthew’s writing serves to educate, entertain, and make readers stop and think about their own lives.

Matthew has published his first novel ShadowLight: a speculative fiction adventure that follows Jonah, a deaf college student, as he is plunged into a trans-millenial conflict between supernatural warrior. He must fight to save his brother, girlfriend, and his new friends – and realize that he cannot save everyone. ShadowLight is available from Misanthrope Press directly or on Amazon (paperback or Kindle)

Matthew is also a regular contributor to the the Creative Minds Anthologies with various short stories novellas.

  • Creative Minds Collection 1The Creative Minds Collection v.1 contains two of  Matthew’s stories. “Shattered World” is the ancient history of the Night Walker race found in ShadowLight. “Only Two Came Back” is a modern day novella in which a terrible storm befalls a woman’s husband, father, and brother on their fishing trip.



  • Creative Minds Collection 2“Law at First Sight” (The Creative Minds Collection v.2) explores the theme of “the lesser of two evils” as the first post-apocalyptic baby, raised by machines, must determine whether humanity can survive by the law or by love.



  • The Welcome to Havisham CornersDeath and Redemption of the Samuels Three is part of Welcome to Havisham Corners – CMC v.3, a themed anthology taking place in a cursed town. Cal Stone, a preacher who has just arrived in Havisham, finds a mystery of familiar circumstances, a ghost boy, and an angry fog and must figure out how they fit together.

Matthew’s current works in progress include a screenplay treatment of ShadowLight, the sequel to ShadowLight – Errant Night, and a middle grade time travel adventure currently titled “Through the Wells in Time.”