Family Counseling

Attachment Issues

Children, Parents, and Spouses all have attachments with one another. When these are broken, therapy can help to restore these bonds and make the family stronger.


Troubled Marriages

Not every troubled marriage ends in divorce. When conflict arises, this can be a great opportunity to address issues that have been hidden and help to restore love to the family.

Pre-Marital Counseling

One of the best gifts to give a new couple is pre-marital counseling – a great chance to allow them to communicate issues before they become major problems.



Key to any family therapy is the idea of communication – something that many people think comes naturally … but does not.  Family therapy encourages positive interactions between family members.

Family Counseling vs. Child / Adolescent Counseling

Matthew works with clients of all ages. However, he specializes in family counseling – meaning he works with the whole family unit and not just the individuals. The idea is that families can serve as a natural support system and have a long-lasting impact. Many times the problems that show up in children and adolescents are family issues or are skills that are lacking. Working in a family environment provides the chance to work with these more organically. For instance, many times a parent will drop a teenager off for cousneling, asking the therapist to fix Suzie’s “anger issue.” This will usually set the teen into a defensive posture and feel like they are a problem to be fixed. Rather, than take this approach, Matthew would work with the family  to address the source of the anger, what steps can be take together to communicate better, and ease the frustrations that way. It’s not a 100% effective method, but often has positive results.

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At this time, Matthew is not taking on any family clients, but expects to do so soon. If you would like more information – or to be notified when there are openings – please feel free to email him today.

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