Confessions of a spiritual misanthrope:

“Spirituality is always a dicey question in our society. Every worldview has certain connotations and every worldview has offended someone. Let me first say that I am a Christian in the true sense of the word – a follower of Christ. I believe in the Bible, Jesus’s life death and resurrection, the need for salvation, and the existence of an eternal afterlife. You will see that worldview again and again in my writing.

However, I know that people who bear the name of Christian have done way too much damage in the world in the name of God. They are acting as sinful humanity does, not as God created them. I am sorry if you have been the recipient of that. If I could shake your hand, apologize, and make things better – I would do so. For now, please consider that not all people – present company included – are perfect reflections of a God who loves His creation. If you are on a faith journey, consider reading the Bible and learning about God from those who knew Him best.

Now, how does this affect my writing? Many times people speculate about the intentions of a writer. My intentions are not to “convert” my readers. God changes the heart. The best I can do is open your mind. I want you to think and wonder about things eternal and seek answers from this world’s creator. I have that much faith in Him.

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