Matthew E. Morgan writes to inform and entertain. In his day job as a teacher in a private school in central Ohio he teaches students lessons in unconventional ways. In his home life with his wife Martha and son Michael, he learned how relationships work. And in his brief stint as a stand-up comedian, he learned to add snark and humor – usually at inopportune times.

Matthew earned his BA in theological studies from Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota, and is currently working on a masters degree in counseling from Liberty University.

One of the unique features of Matthew’s writing is his pledge to create family-friendly novels that will entertain teens and young adults without offending their parents. His writing is free of reasonably objectionable language and unnecessary sexual references. Violence is sometimes incorporated in the struggle between good and evil, but Matthew does not like to see it glorified. Matthew says, “Though I try to be ‘clean’ with my writing, it’s more than that. It’s about conveying a worldview that believes that every life is sacred and deserving of salvation.”

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