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Matthew E. Morgan


Thanks for stopping by my home in cyberspace. I’m a writer in my late 20′s (*cough* 35), a high school teacher, a husband, and a father.

And I am a storyteller.

I was raised by grandparents who would put us to bed every night with a story about Red Jacket – our simian brother with notable attire. The little monkey would always do what we had done that day – but get into trouble doing it.

This is in my blood. I love to craft a tale that informs, entertains, and challenges. I may not be the most refined: I use adjectives prolifically, I can be repetitive at times … and redundant too, and sometimes I even make typos. But if I make you laugh, cry, and think, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do.

Feel free to browse around witness the tales I tell. You can jump over to Facebook or Twitter and say hello as well. I love meeting new and interesting people. Be sure to stop and sign my guestbook while you’re here.


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