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This speculative fiction book follows Jonah, a deaf college student, as a simple mistake throws him into a trans-millennial battle filled with mystical warriors, supernatural swords, and devastating powers.

Enter the Shadows

141 Days: Bike for Christ

Follow Mike Baker’s amazing cross-country adventure – using only $300 and a bicycle to build up his faith in Jesus.

Ride with Mike

Only Two Came Back

A late-season fishing trip sends Sarah’s husband, father, and brother onto a lake to try to catch some fish. A strong nor’easter blows through, capsizing the boat, and leaving three men fighting for survival in the winter elements.

Who will survive?
Matthew E. Morgan

Matthew E. Morgan

Author / Storyteller

Matthew E. Morgan tries his best to be inconsistently consistent: he is a licensed mental health counselor, a lay minister with the Assemblies of God, and a lover of all things coffee related. He has held jobs as a high school teacher, computer programmer, and a blessedly (for everyone else) short stint as a stand-up comedian. He does enjoy consistency at times – particularly as a father and husband. His writing reflects those sides – a desire to entertain as well as inform. Read more>>

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